Saturday, September 29, 2007

I got to go mud'n on the way to work

two days ago, it was 80 degrees, last night, it snowed, gotta love mountain weather, it was supposed to snow down to 7k feet, Reno is at about 4.5k, wish a pic would show the steepness of a hill i like to climb on the way to work (there is a road around the hill, but that's no fun if you own a jeep!).

I really need new tires (no Heather, not yet, there is still about two or three yeas left on these at least:() almost lost forward momentum up the hill (about 30% slope, and muddy) but she bit in at the last and got on top, of course, its just as slick on the other side and i went down it kind of sideways, took a bit of effort to pry my ass off the seat after that pucker event.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

the difference is day and night

tried to do this with a couple of pics of reno, from the side of the mountain at steamboat, but my camera wouldnt take the night shot very well, a couple of the casinos downtown look really cool at night with all the colored lights, but the are just blurry streaks on the camera (not enough pixels), oh well, so instead i took a couple pics of the rig, about six hours apart, during the new moon (about two weeks ago), of course, this was before it got cold up here, odd weather, one day im running the ac, the next the heater, go figure, if you look carefully, off the the right side of the pic is another rig:) i want to go home.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Makes you wonder what the future will hold for us all

Monday, September 24, 2007

oh sh!ts and attaboys

prolly the worst part about this industry is that you NEVER get attaboys, there are lots of oh shits out there though; I caught this crack, as it was expanding, from the telemetry from the drill rig (is that too many prepositions?). Had to trip most of the way out of the hole to find it, it was on the bottom joint of drill pipe up from the BHA (bottom hole assembly). If it had finished cracking around, we would would have been fishing again (fourth time on this hole, man this thing is a monster), the driller would have been yelled at, and i would have been given dirty looks for not catching it, but i/we (me, and the driller{i saw it, and told him, and he agreed}) did catch it, any thanks from the upper-ups? no, but the driller did thank me for saving him an ass chewing (and saving the company about 100K? nothing), but then....
i guess im kind of paid to catch things like that, just part of the job.

the two drilling hands are in pic for scale ;)

Sunday, September 23, 2007

cats are wierd

Last time i was home:Lacey, napping in the tub. what is it with cats and where they nap

Friday, September 21, 2007

running with clippers

dont let someone who shaves thier head get bored with a set of clippers

Thursday, September 20, 2007

rental car review, H3

Several weeks ago, i got a rental to get to the airport, me and the guy who runs the rental place have a neat little arrangement, when i need a rental to get to work, he unloads whatever nice car he cant rent out to me to take back to kansas city (which ever facility possesses the car, has to make its payment, some cars he cant rent out, like the Lincoln town car i took back last time) this time he had a Hummer H3, it normally rents out for about 180 a day, there is no way he can rent that out in Topeka, so i was happy to move it to MCI for him, at a much more reasonable fee ($55), he got some money for rental, and didn't have to make any more payments on a vehicle he couldn't rent out, and i got to work on time. as to the review: i have read in several places about the H3 being a dog when it came to acceleration, i had a hard time keeping it down as i drove it home to get ready to head to work, this is a dog? get all my stuff loaded, and head to the airport, get through town and head out onto I70, and bam, woof woof woof, it had like ZERO guts after about 40 mph, now i see what they were talking about, slows down on hills, biosolid like acceleration, and more biosolid like mileage. wow, my jeep is certainly more lively and energetic, with only slightly less mileage (13 vs 16 mpg), on the other hand, it was much quieter and much more comfortable, visibility was worse though (than the jeep(of course the jeep is like a motorcycle with four wheels)). all in all, they look cool, quite comfy for a 4x4, very capable off road, rock'n sound system, but ill just stick with my old beater of a jeep, no way the H3 is worth the price tag

how male

sluggy freelance is my favorite web comic, ths caption is prolly the most "male" that ive ever seen

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I've been working up here in Reno for a couple weeks now, went to the movies the other day and watched 3:10 to Yuma (really good western, makes you think about whats right, and what your willing to do about it) and i noticed that when the movie was over, everyone took their trash out to the trashcans outside in the hallway... the last time i was in socal and watched a movie i was one of the first out, i sat on a bench and watched, NO ONE, NOT ONE SINGLE PERSON, brought there trash out, i went back in and looked at the theater and there was popcorn bags and boxed everywhere, and soda cups too, makes me wonder about the cultural differences between Mexican and non Mexican influenced culture (ok, i cant say Mexican in general, but northern baja california mexican influence certainly) about litter.
these pics are leftovers from along the New River (earlier post).


Monday, September 3, 2007

Ugh, I've been remiss

i have half a dozen entries in the draft stage, ill get of my butt and get them posted in the next day or two