Thursday, September 20, 2007

rental car review, H3

Several weeks ago, i got a rental to get to the airport, me and the guy who runs the rental place have a neat little arrangement, when i need a rental to get to work, he unloads whatever nice car he cant rent out to me to take back to kansas city (which ever facility possesses the car, has to make its payment, some cars he cant rent out, like the Lincoln town car i took back last time) this time he had a Hummer H3, it normally rents out for about 180 a day, there is no way he can rent that out in Topeka, so i was happy to move it to MCI for him, at a much more reasonable fee ($55), he got some money for rental, and didn't have to make any more payments on a vehicle he couldn't rent out, and i got to work on time. as to the review: i have read in several places about the H3 being a dog when it came to acceleration, i had a hard time keeping it down as i drove it home to get ready to head to work, this is a dog? get all my stuff loaded, and head to the airport, get through town and head out onto I70, and bam, woof woof woof, it had like ZERO guts after about 40 mph, now i see what they were talking about, slows down on hills, biosolid like acceleration, and more biosolid like mileage. wow, my jeep is certainly more lively and energetic, with only slightly less mileage (13 vs 16 mpg), on the other hand, it was much quieter and much more comfortable, visibility was worse though (than the jeep(of course the jeep is like a motorcycle with four wheels)). all in all, they look cool, quite comfy for a 4x4, very capable off road, rock'n sound system, but ill just stick with my old beater of a jeep, no way the H3 is worth the price tag

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