Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009

hammer or nail? (somewhat gruesome)

I stepped out the house my boss rents for us near The Geysers in NorCal this morning, leaving early to head to the auto parts store (I drive an '81 jeep, this is a common occurrence) then off to work, I walked around the house and saw something I hadn't ever seen before, except on TV. Now the people around here are pretty laid back, dope smoking hippies for the most part, none of the people around this area even cuss (except for the roughnecks I work with, go figure, roughnecks cuss). So what I saw really didn't fit in with the smiling hippies, the jays that eat the birdseed we toss out on the deck, or the deer that wander though the yard. What I saw really brought home the old saying "It is better to be the hammer than the nail".

I belive this to be a juvinle peregrine