Saturday, September 29, 2007

I got to go mud'n on the way to work

two days ago, it was 80 degrees, last night, it snowed, gotta love mountain weather, it was supposed to snow down to 7k feet, Reno is at about 4.5k, wish a pic would show the steepness of a hill i like to climb on the way to work (there is a road around the hill, but that's no fun if you own a jeep!).

I really need new tires (no Heather, not yet, there is still about two or three yeas left on these at least:() almost lost forward momentum up the hill (about 30% slope, and muddy) but she bit in at the last and got on top, of course, its just as slick on the other side and i went down it kind of sideways, took a bit of effort to pry my ass off the seat after that pucker event.

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