Monday, September 24, 2007

oh sh!ts and attaboys

prolly the worst part about this industry is that you NEVER get attaboys, there are lots of oh shits out there though; I caught this crack, as it was expanding, from the telemetry from the drill rig (is that too many prepositions?). Had to trip most of the way out of the hole to find it, it was on the bottom joint of drill pipe up from the BHA (bottom hole assembly). If it had finished cracking around, we would would have been fishing again (fourth time on this hole, man this thing is a monster), the driller would have been yelled at, and i would have been given dirty looks for not catching it, but i/we (me, and the driller{i saw it, and told him, and he agreed}) did catch it, any thanks from the upper-ups? no, but the driller did thank me for saving him an ass chewing (and saving the company about 100K? nothing), but then....
i guess im kind of paid to catch things like that, just part of the job.

the two drilling hands are in pic for scale ;)

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