Wednesday, February 27, 2008

yet another CNN rant

I really, really hate it when a news caster pipes up out of ignorance. So I’m watching CNN last night before I head off to bed, and they are talking about the power outages in Florida. The lady speaks up “now this will give you chills” and said that a nuclear reactor shut down during the power outage. DO’H!
Ok, lets see, substation goes down, then grid control collapses, generators making power have no place for it to go suddenly so they trip out and no longer need energy, reactors have no place for the heat energy to go so they shut down. This takes less time to happen than it takes you to read this paragraph. It is entirely automated. Now whether the reactors shut down by lowering the control rods into the reactor in calm stately manner, or if it scrammed and dropped said rods into the reactor to shut it down, either way, it is automated safety protocols, not a panicked emergency. So why should I have chills?

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