Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Mass Tumbleweed Migration of '08

edit: bonus points if you get that allusion.
re-edit: yes, even though I am a geologist, I am authorized to use words like allusion.

It got pretty windy a while back, windy enough that they had to stop drilling due to dangerous conditions on the rig floor. Wish I could have captured some video of that time, it looked like the whole countryside was moving, but it was just tumbleweeds rolling along the ground. Most people who don’t deal with the buggers don’t realize what a pain they can be. Literally.

Here they are piling up into the lee side of the drilling pad.

The biggest annoyances about these things is that one, they pile up everywhere. Two, they have a very robust stalk where they grew from their root ball, this stalk sticks out and can impact into things, leaving scratches and small dents in your car.

And third, they are spiky as hell.

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