Thursday, March 1, 2007

pt 3

this is the old faithfully geyser in calistoga.... it shoots a whoppin six feet into the air, its more a hot spring than a true geyser, but hey, its the biggest they have. they also hide it behind a bunch of plants and fences, and charge admission to see it.

this is a view of calistoga (you can see the roofs in the middle background of the full sized picture) and some of the vinyards around there, as i climb out of the valley up highway 29 twards middletown, its a fun drive in a car that can take cornners and climb steep grades.... its real exciting in a jeep wich does neither quickly (btw, im in a monte carlo le, which does both great)

last, and i feel the least, im at work, yes thats snow, it does that in parts of california ;)

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