Thursday, March 1, 2007

a plethora (si el guapo, i know what a plethora is)

well, i'm off to work again, nice long travel day, 3.5hrs of flight time sitting in seats WAY to small for me, next to people in the same boat(coach plane seat), at least i have been in worse places, but i wasnt feeling well to begin with, the pain from the seats was making me nauseous, so the guy next to me on the second leg was prolly hoping if i popped, that id could make it to the airsickness bag(ps. i didnt pop), the first leg was over ks, so id dint even bother to tak pics of big brown squares and slightly less brown circles (also, i was in the emergancey exit row over the wing, and most of the view would simply have been studies of a boeing 737 wing control surfaces).

here we are over palmdale california, yup, thats desert down there

about 200 miles from oakland over the san joaquin valley, way off in the distance, you can see the snow coverd peaks of the sierra nevadas

a pic of the bay (not sure which one it is, there are three or more near sanfran) with a bunch of tankers waiting on a terminal to unload (most dont show thier plimsol line, so they are full)

a couple of pics of san fransisco, one of these years im gonna stop and have lunch there, all i seem to do is drive through it.

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