Thursday, March 1, 2007

Pt 2

here is a pic of the steering wheel of my rental car as i pull into calistoga (we just watch an episode of dirty jobs with mike rowe, he had to prep some of the mud for one of the mud baths they have here) this is more of a camera fumble than anything else, i wanted a pic of a sign blocked by the truck of rancho calistoga (an inn) but it was time to stop the car instead

one of the nicer houses on the hillside, most look like they could have been transported straight from hicksville arkansas, the house has a nice view of a vineyard on the other side

a pic of a vineyard further down the road, next too...

summer's winery, not doing much now except watching the paint dry, clean tanks and get ready to train vines as the grow on the grape trellises

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