Wednesday, October 10, 2007

six steps from mercs to violins

Segues, its how a train of thought, during a conversation can lead from German cars to Venetian violins, via the paleolithic.

I gave away my old '74 Mercedes Benz diesel the other day, since it was given to me if i could make it run, which i did. The Merc was not appropriate for use with my job (67 horse power just isn't enough to get up the mountains out west), and some mechanical issues i just didn't want to address at the time. I seriously wanted to restore the car, just never wanted to invest the time or money to do so, even though she is a beautiful car, with the classic Benz lines and curves; I would rather build a jeep, while not as pretty, much more fun. So, as I was saying, I gave it away to a guy who would restore it, not just sell it for salvage (he loves the look too). as we were cleaning out the truck, i had several pieces of obsidian to transfer into the garage when napping arrow heads came up, the process and techniques of doing so, and that in Kansas, large pieces of obsidian are HARD to come by, well napping arrow heads led to an old collection of early ozarks indian arrow heads I had way back when (wish I still did, they were around 2-10k years old, from the style), this led to a discussion on the fact that they weren't really arrow heads, but atlatl dart points, the atlatl led to other type of spear chuckers of the middle ages (ballista), this of course led into all kinds of period artillery and cannon, a brief discussion on the invention of trunnions and how that made cannon mobile and much easier to use, somehow that triggered an old memory in my head about Niccolo Paganini's "The Cannon" (a Guarnieri masterwork) of Venice and an old NPR article I listened to as a driveway moment.
Nice segues don't you think?

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