Friday, July 13, 2007

a view out of my office door

here is a view of ormat's new rig, it may be chinese, but its a nice rig, almost totally self erecting, all you need is a heavy forklift (thier's is a ten ton lift truck) to lift the parts in place, and hydraulics erect the mast and lift the rig floor to operational height (27 feet in this case), three 750KW generators power the rig, enough power to light up a small town ~2000 homes), the big blue thing is the draw-works, the hoist part of they rig, it can lift over 300,000 pounds, and lift it fast(of course that is with 12:1 reduction through the traveling blocks and pulleys), with the right tools, this rig can drill over 20,000 feet down.

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