Saturday, February 28, 2009

An Accreationary Wedge is Comming (repost)

An Accreationary Wedge is coming!
An Accreationary Wedge is coming!

This one; Accretionary Wedge #16 ... #15 #17, Recent Advancements (recent and/or noteable advancements or epiphanies that have directly affected your expertise, interests, or the work you do).

Not this one:

It shall be hosted right where your looking, this entry makes a nice little place holder. Please post a link to your articles in comments, or email them to me at Thorthr at I will be deleting this post when the Wedge goes up and I'll have the Wedge up by Wednesday, December 24th, 2008 Friday, March 20, 2009 (vernal equinox).


yes, that is xmas eve, gives you plenty of time to write something, even longer.

ok, looks like I'm actually hosting #17 instead of #16 or #15 I picked up off of the who's hosting site:) thanks Dave, for saving me from have to do the math and subtract two instead of one

Sorry for all the delays, procrastination, and work conflicts are pain.
David and Lockwood, you havn't been forgotten.


Silver Fox said...

Kenneth (or Ken?), somehow I missed this February announcement, and assumed the Wedge date would be late in the month like it often is.

I could probably get something about GPS, not detailed, up middle of the week. Would technology like that fit in? Or maybe something about a tracking system.

Have to go to MSHA Monday...

Thordr said...

sounds fine to me, I'm running behind myself on the post, again, some family issues with my sister in the hospital has slowed me down.

Silver Fox said...

Sorry to hear about your sister. Here's my Wedge link:

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