Saturday, November 29, 2008

An Accreationary Wedge is Comming

An Accreationary Wedge is coming!
An Accreationary Wedge is coming!

This one; Accretionary Wedge #16 #15, Recent Advancements (recent and/or noteable advancements that have directly affected your expertise, interests, or the work you do).

Not this one:

It shall be hosted right where your looking, this entry makes a nice little place holder. Please post a link to your articles in comments, or email them to me at Thorthr at I will be deleting this post when the Wedge goes up and I'll have the Wedge up by Wednesday, December 24th, 2008.


yes, that is xmas eve, gives you plenty of time to write something.

ok, looks like I'm actually hosting #15 instead of #16 I picked up off of the who's hosting site:) thanks Dave, for saving me from have to do the math and subtract two instead of one


BrianR said...

thanks for hosting ... we haven't had one in two months!

I'll make sure to try and spread the word in the coming weeks.

Dave S. said...

Yikes! I totally forgot about my responsibility for Accretionary Wedge in November. I put up a post yesterday asking for submissions. Hopefully, we can successfully have two Accretionary Wedges this month!

ReBecca Foster said...

Oops, where is #15? I thought Dave was hosting December/ I confused?

Dave S. said...

ReBecca - #14 was originally supposed to be hosted by Ron Schott I believe. That never happened. My November entry would have then been #15.

I went ahead and just called mine #14 (which is true!). Though it might be funny to have a mystery, phantom Accretionary Wedge floating around...

ReBecca Foster said...

Ahhhh ok! Thats funny. Its like the 13th floor of a building that is never there. ;)

David Bressan said...

Here it is:

Lockwood said...

Well, this may be late, but here you go.

BrianR said...

Kenneth ... not sure if you are still planning on hosting ... although there are a couple of entries here, my guess is that most people have forgotten.

I suggest a couple options:
(1) Simply re-announce and move this AW to January, or (2) postpone until a later date and I can announce the one I was planning on doing for January.

Either way is cool with me ... or I'm open to other suggestions.