Friday, March 21, 2008

A funny thing happend to me on the way to work.......

Geology is an interesting discipline; we seem to be able to recognize one another, by the oddest means. For example, I was leaving the hotel for the rig the other morning and there is a guy ahead of me, we both head to the break fast bar, and grab a couple tubs of yogurt, then both of us head out the door carrying a pack and wearing coveralls. We are parked right next to each other, backed into the parking spaces, and he goes

“is that your jeep?”
yes, it is I say
“are you a geologist?” he asks.
Why, yes, I am, I respond.
"thought so" he states.
Is that your truck, I ask in turn.
“Yes, it is” he returns.
you must be a geologist too, I observe

Scarry world out there ;)

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Chuck said...

Last winter, I was in Mt. Isa buying groceries with my boss before heading out bush again.

Some random guy walks up to me, gives me his card, and asks me if I'm looking for work as a geo.

Luckily, the boss just laughed.