Monday, January 7, 2008

Thank you Anonymous

Anonymous said...
AC's piece on her was not that long and he doesn't cover her often. He didn't say people were stupid he talked about the ugliness of the whole thing, the ugly impulses involved in enjoying watching someone's life fall apart. You may not enjoy it or be interested but you are not the huge number of people on gossip blogs and scooping up tabloids who he was talking about.

Anderson is from a famous family. His mother was at the centre of a famous tabloid fury. When his brother killed himself in front of their mother it became a big gossip topic and people came into the funeral to try to get his mother's autograph. Photographers were shoving cameras in her face while she clung to Anderson. Of course he's going to be sympathetic to the famous woman whose problems are being gobbled up by the masses and have difficulty relating to the people eagerly consuming this stuff.

He didn't give a big lecture he just registered his own sadness and disgust about the whole affair and conflicted feelings about Britney's way going out of her way to feed into the whole thing.

I wish there were more people like you in the internet

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