Wednesday, April 4, 2007


THAT (white arrow)

wieghs 1200 pounds, and used to be bolted onto the well head 60 feet away, when the well blew out yesterday, that desided it no longer wanted to be bolted onto the well head, of course the 500 foot slug of water comming up the well at nearly 100 miles per hour did assist in its relocation, first of all, when it came loose, it went up through the rotary table, lifting it and seting it back down cockeyed (that part weighs in at about 15k pounds, it knocked two 400 pounds blocks of steel out of the way, went about 20 feet in the air and bounced off the 20k traveling blocks(pully) and bounced out the V-door to the rig, down the v door ramp (about 30 feet down), making a hell of a dent on its way, and down a 40 foot catwalk, the end of which you can see in the pic, and bounced off the end of a truck parked there, all of this took less than two seconds, no body was hurt, and other than replacing the now mobile rotating rubber assymbly, nothing major was broken.
my first well blowout

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Glad nobody got hurt! :)