Tuesday, February 6, 2007


well, they one of the lesser joys of home, been having trouble with the internet access the last few days at home, an intermittent fault, the tech came out this morning, talk about young, he couldn't have been older than 20, cant even buy a beer yet, smart kid, just no training in networking (so he was here to fix the internet network.... you figure it out, i cant), he tried all the stuff he knew, so i showed him a few other tricks and that still didn't do it, so he called his tech support *boggle* and the guy (paul) said that the modem we BOUGHT from COX HIGH SPEED INTERNET was no longer supported on the network and was obsolete, that we would have to purchase a new one ($50) to maintain a stable internet connection....*sigh* this had better work, at least it has the same number of leds, so the number of glowing thingies in the back room will stay the same.

ps. oh ya, if i still have the fault, jason (the tech that came out) agrees that i get to eviscerate someone.

pps. at least jason didnt charge me for the service call though, that would have been another $35

ppps. i think what also pisses me off a lot about this was ZERO notification that my modem was about to become obsolete, now i realize i would have been pissed even with notification, but that would have been one less thing i would have been pissed about

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